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Title / Titre Beginning/ Date de début End/ Date de fin City / Ville Country / Pays


Independent Travel and Hospitality 19/01/2013 21/01/2013 Beirut Lebanon k.m.hannam@leedsmet.ac.uk -
c.paris@mdx.ac -
ENTER 2013. eTourism. Opportunities and Challenges in the Next 20 Years 22/01/2013 25/01/2013 Innsbruck Austria ifitt@ifitt.org - dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk - http://www.enter-2013.org
Active Countryside Tourism 23/01/2013 25/01/2013 Leeds United Kingdom k.dashper@leedsmet.ac.uk -
Tourism in the Global South. Landscapes, Identities and Development 24/01/2013 25/01/2013 Lisbon Portugal j.sarmento@geografia.uminho.pt - http://www.wix.com/tptceg/13
CAUTHE 2013. Tourism and Global Change. On the Edge of Something Big 11/02/2013 14/02/2013 Christchurch New Zealand david.simmons@lincoln.ac.nz -


La Naturalité en Mouvement. Environnement et Usages Récréatifs de la Nature 20/03/2013 22/03/2013 Mirabel France naturalite.cermosem@gmail.com - http://www.sportsnature.org
International Research Forum on Guided Tours 04/04/2013 06/04/2013 Breda The Netherlands irfgt2013@irfgt.org - http://www.irfgt.org
Tourism and the Shifting Values of Cultural Heritage. Visiting Pasts, Developing Futures 05/04/2013 09/04/2013 Taipei Taiwan ironbridge@contacts.bham.ac.uk - http://internationaltaipei2013.wordpress.com
25th Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium 07/04/2013 09/04/2013 Cooperstown United States egomez@odu.edu - http://www.esf.edu/nerr
GWTTRA Conference. The Future of Travel 10/04/2013 12/04/2013 Berkeley United States dgursoy@wsu.edu - http://www.gwttra.com/symposiums.htm
TEFI Conference. Tourism Education for Global Citizenship.Educating for Lives of Consequence 13/04/2013 16/04/2013 Oxford United Kingdom psheldon@hawaii.edu - http://www.tourismeducationfutures.org
Ist International Students Conference in Tourism Research 14/04/2013 15/04/2013 Salzburg Austria roman.egger@fh-salzburg.ac.at -
Coastal, Island and Tropical Tourism. Global Impacts, Local Resilience 16/04/2013 18/04/2013 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia alan.lew@nau.edu -
Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality 16/04/2013 19/04/2013 Valencia-Benidorm Spain cit2013efs.sciencecomm@florida-uni.es - http://cit2013.florida.es
TTRA-Europe Conference. Travel and Tourism at the Crossroads 17/04/2013 19/04/2013 Dublin Dublin isabelle.frochot@univ-savoie.fr -
Protected Areas and Place Making. How do we Provide Conservation, Landscape Management, Tourism, Human Health and Regional Development ? 21/04/2013 26/04/2013 Foz da Iguaçu Brazil lanp-conference@usp.br -
teresa.magro@usp.br - http://canjerana.esalq.usp.br/
Religious Tourism and Tolerance 09/05/2013 12/05/2013 Konya Turkey muhsinkar@gmail.com - http://rtt2013.konya.edu.tr
Tourism in Southern and Eastern Europe 15/05/2013 18/05/2013 Opatija Croatia tosee@fthm.hr - http://www.fthm.hr/tosee
CHME Annual Research Conference - Sustainable Hospitality Management 16/05/2013 17/05/2013 Edinburgh United Kingdom CHME2013@qmu.ac.uk - http://www.qmu.ac.uk/CHME2013/default.htm
2013 Adventure Conference 21/05/2013 23/05/2013 Isle of Skye United Kingdom steve.taylor@whc.uhi.ac.uk - http://www.whc.uhi.ac.uk/research
Facing the Challenges, Grasping the Opportunities. Winning in the Hospitality Industry in Uncertain Times 21/05/2013 24/05/2013 Macau Macau amyso@umac.mo - http:§§www.umac.mo/fba/apacchrie2013
Romanian Rural Tourism in the Context of Sustainable Development 23/05/2013 25/05/2013 Vatra Dornei Romania conferinta_turism@yahoo.ro - ahaller2013@gmail.com
World Convention on Hospitality, Tourism and Event Research 26/05/2013 28/05/2013 Bangkok Thailand whter.ices2013@gmail.com - http://ices2013.wix.com/siamu
Tourism Trends and Advances in the 21st Century 30/05/2013 02/06/2013 Rhodes Greece tourconf2013@aegean.gr -
Choice, Behavior and Consumption in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure 02/06/2013 05/06/2013 Istanbul Turkey m.kozak@superonline.com -
metinkozak@mu.edu.tr - http://www.iacthir.com
ICOT 2013 - Trends, Impacts and Policies on Sustainable Tourism Development 05/06/2013 08/06/2013 Limassol Cyprus k.andriotis@cut.ac.cy - http://www.iatour.net/icot2013
9th Conference THRIC. Celebrating Arts and Culture. A Gathering of the Tourism and Hospitality Family 06/06/2013 07/06/2013 Galway Ireland thric@gmit.ie - http://www.gmit.ie/thric
Inaugural Symposium of the Transport Special Interest Group (CAUTHE) 06/06/2013 07/06/2013 Gold Coast Campus Australia gui.lohmann@scu.edu.au - dtduval@gmail;com - http://www.cauthe.com.au/Transport_sig.html
5th Nordic Geographers'Meeting. Tourism for Northern Peripheries ? 11/06/2013 14/06/2013 Reykjavik Iceland kben@hi.is - dieter.muller@geography.umu.se - http://conference.hi.is/ngm2013/tourism-for-northern-peripheries
Protests as Events. Events as Protests 12/06/2013 12/06/2013 Leeds Leeds icreth@leedsmet.ac.uk - http://www.protestsandevents.wordpress.com
Reconceptualising Visiting Friends and Relatives Travel 13/06/2013 13/06/2013 Guildford United Kingdom h.janta@surrey.ac.uk - http://www.surrey.ac.uk/shtm
Rural Tourism. Challenges in Changing Times. Community, Experience, Economy and Environment 13/06/2013 15/06/2013 Holar Iceland ggunn@holar.is -gudr@holar.is - http://www.naf2013.holar.is
Enhance Tourism for Culture, Art and Ethics and Nature as other Current Challenges in the Public and Non-Profit Marketing Field 13/06/2013 14/06/2013 Gran Canaria Spain gdiaz@dede.ulpgc.es - http://iapnm2013.com
China Tourism & China Hotel-Branding Forum 2013 16/05/2013 18/05/2013 Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR,China ctf2013.paper@polyu.edu.hk - http://ctf2013info.wix.com/cthf2013
Sustainable Hospitality Management 16/06/2013 17/06/2013 Edinburgh United Kingdom cmatheson@qmu.ac.uk - CHME2013@qmu.ac.uk - http://www.qmu.ac.uk/CHME2013/default.htm
44th Annual International Conference of T.T.R.A. - Keeping it Relevant 20/06/2013 22/06/2013 Kansas City United States gbrother@ncsu.edu - http://www.ttra.com
Tourism Critical Practice. Activating Dreams into Action 25/06/2013 28/06/2013 Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina l.minnaert@surrey.ac.uk -
senkacausevic@gmail.com -http://somwp.som.surrey.ac.uk/cts
Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management 25/06/2013 30/06/2013 Taipei Taiwan ahtmmc13@ncut.edu.tw -
4th Conference of the International Association for Tourism Economics 01/07/2013 04/07/2013 Ljubljana Slovenia iate-secretariat@tourism-economics.net - http://www.tourism-economics.net
Fourth Global Geotourism Conference 25/08/2013 28/08/2013 Reykjanes Iceland r.dowling@ecu.edu.au -
Re-inventing Rural Tourism and the Rural Tourism Experience. Conserving, Innovating and Co-creating for Sustainability 05/09/2013 07/09/2013 Aveiro Portugal conference.orte@gmail.com
Development Trends in Tourism and Hotel Management 12/09/2013 13/09/2013 Kotor Montenegro tourism_kotor@ac.me
Emerging Landscapes and Frontiers in Tourism Research 20/09/2013 22/09/2013 Kanas National Park China alan.lew@nau.edu - http://www.geog.nau.edu/igutc/china2013/ index.html
Advances in Tourism Research. Perspectives of Actors, Institutions and Systems 25/09/2013 29/09/2013 Izmir Turkey christian.laesser@unisg.ch - http://www.aiest.org
Tourism, Local Foods and Regional Development 30/09/2013 01/10/2013 Kalmar Sweden michael.hall@canterbury.ac.nz -
stefan.gossling@lnu.se - http//lnu.se/om-lnu/konferenser/aktuella-konferenser/
5th Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference. Marketing space and place. Shifting Tourist Flows 02/10/2013 04/10/2013 Vilamoura Portugal ahcorreia@gmail.com -
Cultural Corridor VIA DIAGONALIS. Cultural Tourism without Boundaries 03/10/2013 05/10/2013 Sofia/Belgrade Bulgaria/Serbia cultural_corridor@swu.bg - http://culturalroutes.weebly.com/home.html
Sustainable Issues and Challenges in Tourism 03/10/2013 05/10/2013 Istanbul Turkey info@butrmconferences.org - http://www.butrmconferences.org
3rd International Conference on Tourism Management and Tourism Related Issues 03/10/2013 04/10/2013 Barcelona Spain marcello.mariani@unibo.it - http://www.eiasm.org/frontoffice/
10th World Wilderness Congress. Make the World a Wilder Place 04/10/2013 10/10/2013 Salamanca Spain info@world10.org - http://www.world10.org
Post-Conflict, Cultural Heritage and Regional Development. An International Conference 09/10/2013 11/10/2013 Wageningen The Netherlands info@peaceconference.org - http://peaceconference.org
International Conference on Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management 11/10/2013 12/10/2013 Rome Italie ige.pirnar@gmail.com - http://www.netmuse.eu
The Future of Event Legacies 21/10/2013 23/10/2013 Doha Qatar ian.yeoman@vuw.ac.nz - http://www.etfi.eu/conference/conference-qatar-2013
Celebrating and Enhancing the Tourism Konwledge-Based Platform. A Tribute to Jafar Jafari 23/10/2013 25/10/2013 Palma de Mallorca Spain vicente.ramos@uib.es -
Touring Consumption 2013 24/10/2013 25/10/2013 Karlsruhe Germany tc2013@karlshochschule.de - http://www.tc2013.org
International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Marketing 28/10/2013 29/10/2013 Colombo Sri Lanka isanka@leapbis.info - http://tourismconference.co
3rd Regional Food Cultures and Networks Conference 29/10/2013 31/10/2013 Daylesford Australia david.scott@scu.edu.au - erica.wilson@scu.edu.au; - http://www.scu.edu.au/regionalfoodconference
Environments of Exchange. Leisure and Tourism 06/11/2013 08/11/2013 Malta Malta leontine.onderwater@atlas-euro.org - http://www.atlas-euro.org
Sixth International Outdoor Education Research Conference 26/11/2013 29/11/2013 Dunedin New Zealand outdoor.conference@otago.ac.nz- mike.boyes@otago.ac.nz - http://www.otago.ac.nz/ioerc2013
Wine, Heritage, Tourism, Development 03/12/2013 06/12/2013 Florianopolis Brazil maria.gravari-barbas@univ-paris1.fr - vandervalduga@gmail.com - http://www.univ-paris1.fr/colloques/bresil
Competitiveness, Innovation and Markets. The Multifaceted Tourists'Role 04/12/2013 07/12/2013 Bruneck/Brunico Italy serena.volo@unibz.it - http://www.unibz.it
Domesticated Animals in Leisure 04/12/2013 06/12/2013 Frankston Australia neil.carr@otago.ac.nz
Understanding Leisure in a Complex World. Promoting Critical Leisure Studies. 11th Biennial ANZALS Conference 04/12/2013 06/12/2013 Peninsula Campus Australia ruth.jeanes@monash.edu - http://education.monash.edu.au
The Future of Tourism in Higher Education 05/12/2013 06/12/2013 Canterbury United Kingdom marion.stuart-hoyle@canterbury.ac.uk - http://www.athe.org.uk/conference
2nd World Research Summit for Hospitality and Tourism 15/12/2013 17/12/2013 Orlando United States youcheng.waqng@ucf.edu - http://www.tourismandhospitalitysummit.com
Strenghtening Sub-regional, Socio-economic, Institutional and Environmental Cooperation Towards ASEAN Community 16/12/2013 17/12/2013 Puerto Princesa City Philippines kelvinlhk@gmail.com - https://sites.google
Taking Responsibility for the Visitor Economy.Events, Tourism,Hospitality, Sport, Leisure and the Local Community 09/01/2014 12/01/2014 Leeds United Kingdom icreth@leedsmet.ac.uk - http://responsibilityconference.wordpress.com
ENTER 2014.Where Social Inspiration Meets Dynamic eTourism Innovation 21/01/2014 24/01/2014 Dublin Ireland philxz@gmail.com - ip.tussyadiah@gmail.com - patrick.horan@dit.ie - http://www.enter2014.org
Evolution and Transformation in Tourism Destinations. Revitalisation Through Innovation ? 10/02/2014 13/02/2014 Vila Seca Spain julie.wilson@urv.cat - http://www.regionalstudies.org/events/event/
CAUTHE 2014. Tourism and Hospitality in the Contemporary World. Trends, Change and Complexity 10/02/2014 13/02/2013 Brisbane Australia b.ritchie1@uq.edu.au -cauthe2014@uq.edu.au - http://tourism.uq.edu.au/CAUTHE2014
4th India International Hotel, Travel and Tourism Research Conference 12/02/2014 15/02/2014 New Delhi India alok@bcihmct.ac.in - http://www.bcihmct.ac.in
Contemporary Research in Tourism and Hospitality. Theory, Practice and Pitfalls 18/02/2014 21/02/2014 Pondicherry India crth14@gmail.com - http://www.pondiuni.edu.in
Estimating the Impacts of Tourism and Events 20/03/2014 21/03/2014 Gothenburg Sweden john.armbrecht@handels.gu.se - http://www.cft.handels.gu.se
Tourism in a Global Environment.Advantages, Challenges and Future Developments 27/03/2014 39/03/2014 Belgrade Serbia bitco@visokaturisticka.edu.rs - http://www.bitco.rs
GWTTRA Conference. Unmasking the Voice of the Consumer 16/04/2014 18/04/2013 Denver United States dgursoy@wsu.edu -http://www.gwttra.com/symposium.htm
International Conference II Mega-Events and the City 27/04/2014 30/04/2014 Rio de Janeiro Brazil IImegaeventscities@ippur.ufrj.br - http://megaeventos.ettern.ippur.ufrj.br/en
Cross-Cultural Issues in Tourism and Hospitallity 14/05/2014 16/05/2014 Chania Greece ali.bakir@bucks.ac.uk / eugeniawickens@help2educate.org - htp://www.culturalchania.com
Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference / Asia Tourism Forum 18/05/2014 20/05/2014 Hong Kong Hong Kong - China leslie.fung@polyu.edu.hk
ASIA-EURO 2014.Creating Opportunities Through Innovation.The Future of Tourism and Hospitality in Asia 19/05/2014 21/05/2014 Subang Jaya Malaysia asia.euro@taylors.edu.my - http://www.taylors.edu.my/tchtevents2014/
International Conference on Rural Tourism and Regional Development 20/05/2014 22/05/2014 Petrozavodsk Russia ruraltourism2014@uef.fi -
12th Asia Pacific CHRIE - Breaking Barriers Shifting Gears 21/05/2014 21/05/2014 Bandar Sunway Malaysia apac-chrie@taylors.edu.my - htpp://www.taylors.edu.my/tchtevents2014/
Global Event Educators Symposium 21/05/2014 24/05/2014 Indianapolis United States r. thomas@leedsmet.ac.uk - http://eventsconferenceiupui.wordpress.com
23th Council for Hospîtality Management Education Conference 28/05/2014 30/05/2014 Buxton United Kingdom chme2014@gmail.com
Anthropology and Photography 29/05/2014 31/05/2014 London United Kingdom h.j.andrews@ljmu.ac.uk - http://www.therai.org.uk/conferences/
Regional Gastronomy. Between Tradition and Innovation ? 29/05/2014 30/05/2014 Ponte da Lima Portugal g.w.richards@uvt.nl - http://www.atlas-euro.org - http://igcat.org
3rd Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference 03/06/2014 08/06/2014 Istanbul Turkey disciplinarytourism@gmail.com - htp://www.interdisciplinaryconference.org
10th International Small Islands Conference 04/06/2014 08/06/2014 Fernando de Noronha Brazil arianne.reis@scu.edu.au - http://www.scu.edu.au
Tourism and Gastronomy Heritage. Foodscapes,Culinary and Gastronomy Destinations 16/06/2014 20/06/2014 Barcelona Spain jjuan@ub.edu - http://tourismandgastronomycongress.
International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management 19/06/2014 21/06/2014 Athens Greece tri@dratte.gr - http://www.dratte.gr
Contemporary Uses of Recreation in Rural Space. Tourist Practices, Representations and Discourses 19/06/2014 20/06/2014 Ningbo China benjamin.taunay@univ-angers.fr - shiwei_shen@163.com /
International Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Developing Countries 19/06/2014 20/06/2014 Dar Es Salam Tanzania icst-dc@udbs.udsm.ac.tz - https://udsm.ac.tz/ ?q=node/223
Think Tank XIV. Politics, policies and Governance in Sustainable Tourism 23/06/2014 26/06/2014 Ljubljana Slovenia dagmar.lund-durlacher@modul.ac.at - http://www.besteducationnetwork.org
4th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference 25/06/2014 27/06/2014 Mauritius Mauritius ahtmmc2014@uom.ac.mu /
r.nunkoo@uom.ac.mu - http://sites.uom.ac.mu/AHTMMC
Tradition Meets Modernity. Time for a Rethink of Policies, Planning and Development Initiatives 25/06/2014 27/06/2014 Dalian China icot@iatour.net - http://www.iatour.net/icot2014
ICOT 2014. Tradition Meets Modernity. Time for a Rethink of Policies, Planning and Development Initiatives 25/06/2014 28/06/2014 Dalian China icot@iatour.net - k.andriotis@cut.ac.cy - http://www.iatour.net/icot2014
Fourth International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality between China-Spain 29/06/2014 02/07/2014 Barcelona Spain ict2014@china-spain.org - http://www.china-spain.org
The Psychology of Governing Sustainable Tourism Mobility.Bridging the Science-Policy Gap 01/07/2014 04/07/2014 Kirchzarten Germany freiburg2014@gmail.com - http://www.cstt.nl/freiburg2014
Global Events Congress VI 09/07/2014 11/07/2014 Adelaide Australia gec@flinders.edu.au
Tourism, Malta and the Mediterranean 16/07/2014 17/07/2014 Msida Malta andrew.jones@um.edu.mt - nadia.theuma@um.edu.mt / http://www.um.edu.mt/ittc/trs2014
7th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas 20/08/2014 23/08/2014 Tallinn Estonia mmv7@tlu.ee - kalev.sepp@emu.ee / http://www.tlu.ee/en/mmv7
Remembering in a Globalizing World. The Play and Interplay of Tourism, Memory and Place 08/09/2014 10/09/2014 Le Chambon sur Lignon France hertzog.anne@wanadoo.fr - http://memorytour.hypotheses.org
Community Based Tourism in Rural Areas. A Development Strategy ? 09/09/2014 12/09/2014 Sao Paulo Brazil citurdes2014@usp.br - kasolha@usp.br - http://www.eca.usp.br/citurdes
Cities on Volcanoes 09/09/2014 13/09/2014 Jogjakarta Indonesia patricia.erfurt@my.jcu.edu.au;deanne.bird@gmail.com - http://citiesonvolcanoes8.com
International UNESCO Conference on Global Geoparks 19/09/2014 22/09/2014 St. John Canada gail@stonehammergeopark.com - http://www.geoparks2014.com
2nd Annual Medical Tourism Research Summit 20/09/2014 24/09/2014 Washington United States info@medicaltourismcongress.com -http://www.medicaltourismcongress.com
23rd Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research. The Values of Tourism 02/10/2014 04/10/2014 Copenhagen Denmark abu.int@cbs.dk - ln.int@cbs.dk / http://conference.cbs.dk
Second International Forum on Tourism Education and Training & 9th China Tourism Forum 16/10/2014 18/10/2014 Guilin China leslie.fung@polyu.edu.hk - http://www.polyu.edu.hk
X Tourism and ICT Conference 23/10/2014 24/10/2014 Malaga Spain turitec@turismo.uma.es - http://www.turitec.com
Colloque Universitaire International sur le Tourisme en Andalousie et au Nord du Maroc. Nouveaux Défis pour la Région 23/10/2014 24/10/2014 Malaga Spain conecturmed@segittur.es - http://red-intur.org/index.php/congressos/276-congresso-universitario-internacional-sobre-turismo-en-andalucia-y-norte-de-marruecos-nuevos-retos-nuevas-propuestas.htm
International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, Events Planning and Policy 29/10/2014 01/11/2014 Kunning China sucret@leedsmet.ac.uk - http://www.2014sucretconference.com
A Heritage of Hospitality and Hospitality for heritage 06/11/2014 08/11/2014 Istanbul Turkey atilayuksel@gmail.com / fgo@rsm.nl - http://www.heritagetourismhospitality.org
Tourism and the Chinese Dream 13/11/2014 15/11/2014 Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise Australia c.wylie@griffith.edu.au - p.ding@griffith.edu.au / http://www.chinesedream.conferenceonline.com.au
2014 Internatioal Adventure Conference 24/11/2014 26/11/2014 Sogndal Norway Steve.taylor.whc@uhi.ac.uk - http://www.adventureconference2014.no
VII Internatioanl Tourism Congress. The Image and Sustainability of Tourist Destinations 02/12/2014 04/12/2014 Muscat Oman jpjorge@ipleiria.pt - dalal@squ.edu.om / http://www.giturprojects.com/itc
5th International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing 03/12/2014 05/12/2014 Macau Macau don@ift.edu.mo - dbm-conference@ift.edu.mo / http://www.ift.edu.mo/dbm-v : http://www.destinationbranding.org
New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Conference. Tourism in the Asia-Pacific Region 09/12/2014 12/12/2014 Hamilton New Zealand tmjournal.chris @gmail.com - http://ihtmsiamu.wix.com/nztmevent2014
International Antalya Hospîtality, Tourism and Travel Research Conference 09/12/2014 12/12/2014 Antalya Turkey dgursoy@wsu.edu - http://www.ihtrc.com
Contemporary Trends and Perspectives in Wine and Agrifood Management 16/01/2015 17/01/2015 Lecce    Italy lea.iaia@unisalento.it  - http://www.euromedunisalento.hostinggratis.it
ENTER 2015. eTourism Transforming Mobility 03/02/2015 06/02/2015 Lugano Switzerland lorenzo.cantoni@usi.ch - http://www.enter2015.org
CAUTHE 2015. Rising Tides and Sea Changes.Adaptation and Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality 02/02/2015 05/02/2015 Coolangatta Australia elizabeth.roberts@scu.edu.au - http://www.cauthe.org
Service Innovation and Experiences in Tourism 22/04/2015 24/04/2015 Innsbruck Austria raija.komppula@uef.fi - http://www.uef.fi/atmc2015
Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference 27/04/2015 30/04/2015 Quito Ecuador kerry.bricker@health.utha.edu -debk@psu.edu - http://www.ecotourismconference.org
7th International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference.Religion, Spirituality, Culture and Tourism 10/06/2015 13/06/2015 Girona Spain kevin.griffin@dit.ie - r.raj@leedsmet.ac.uk  - http://www.irtp.co.uk
From Policy into Practice.Issues and Challenges in Engaging Policy Makers and End Users 24/06/2015 27/06/2015 London United Kingdom icot@iatour.net - http://iatour.net/icot2015
6th Advances in Tourism Marketing. Tourism Engagement : Co-creating Well-being 08/09/2015 09/09/2015 Joensuu Finland raija.komppula@uef.fi - http://www.uef.fi/atmc2015


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