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Centre International de Recherches et d'Etudes Touristiques International Center for Research and Study on Tourism

“The touristic research: an archipelago of well-being, an ocean of problems” CIRET can help you to become a high-risk diver.



Founding members - Membres fondateurs

Dr ATHERTON T., International Tourism Law Institute AUSTRALIA
Dr JAFARI J., University of Wisconsin USA
Dr MULLER H., University of Bern SWITZERLAND
Dr NYBERG L., Mid Sweden University SWEDEN
Dr OMORI T., Toyo University JAPAN
Dr PEARCE D., Victoria University of Wellington NEW ZEALAND
Dr SELWYN T., London Metropolitan University UNITED KINGDOM
Dr WILLIAMS P.W., Simon Fraser University CANADA  

New members - Nouveaux membres

Dr BARDOLET E., Universitat de les Illes Balears SPAIN
Dr CARLSEN J., Curtin University of Technology AUSTRALIA
Dr CHON K.S. (Kaye), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University HONG KONG
Dr DANN G.M.S., University of Bedfordshire UNITED KINGDOM
Dr HEATH E., University of Pretoria SOUTH AFRICA
Dr MAZANEC J.A., University of Vienna AUSTRIA
U Dr NOTARSTEFANO C., University of Lecce ITALY
Dr REJOWSKI M. , Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr SCHLÜTER R.G., University of Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
Dr SOFIELD T.H.B., University of Tasmania AUSTRALIA
Dr UYSAL M.S., Virginia Polytechnic, State University USA
Dr WILKINSON P.F., York University CANADA
Dr WU B., Peking University CHINA

Testimonials - Témoignages

"You are the Santa Klaus for tourism researchers worldwide !"

LEE T., Asia Pacific University, JAPAN

"Where in the world would Tourism Researchers be without you !
Keep up the good work fron a long time admirer of all that you do for the world."

DOWLING R., Edith Cowan  University, AUSTRALIA

“Your system of reviewing the worldwide literature is very comprehensive. No wonder you have developed the best tourism collection in the world. You are truly one of the biggest architects and definite founders of tourism studies.”

JAFARI J., University of Wisconsin, USA

“Thank you for all your wonderful support, and service throughout the year ! You are truly one in a million ! You are indefatigable. You always come up with relevant and useful material, no matter how obscure the topic is !"

SOFIELD, T.H.B, University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA.

“Dear Mr. Baretje, I of course have known of your work for many years, and congratulate you on your achievements. If we ever have anything in the Tourism Industry to the Academy Awards – you would receive my nomination for the “Life Achievement Award” for you dedication and passion in assembling a truly monumental body of knowledge regarding tourism.”

D’AMORE L., International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, USA

“Your database is most extensive and comprehensive and will greatly benefit researchers, students and industry practitioners in tourism. You are one of the leading tourism reserachers worldwide.”

CHON K.S. (Kaye), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG

“I have worked with René on the analysis of Australian tourism publications and have had the pleasure of recently visiting CIRET. The comprehensive service provided free of charge to researchers enables analysis of over 1300 themes within tourism. These themes have been systematically and objectively identified and are listed in the thesaurus section of the CIRET website. I commend René at CIRET for his dedicated and passionate approach to establishing and maintaining this valuable service to the global tourism research community”

CARLSEN J., Curtin University of Technology, AUSTRALIA

“I really compliment you on your endless effort in proving great service to all of us, including practitioners as well.”

UYSAL M.S.,Virginia Polytechnic, USA

“It was a pleasure to be able to work with your organization when I was based at the International Ecotourism Society and it has been nice to be on the other end of your services, as a researcher, too!”

SHERIDAN L., University of Western Sydney, AUSTRALIA

"Votre œuvre remarquable me rappelle un conte japonais que j’ai lu aujourd’hui concernant un sage d’autrefois qui avait traduit durant sa vie les 5000 volumes de la religion bouddhiste. Ce sont « des travaux d’amour »."

GRABURN N.H.H., University of California, USA.

“It is really impressive the amount of references contained in CIRET, with no doubt it is a very useful tool for tourism research”.

NICOLAU J.L., University of Alicante, SPAIN

“Having spent a previous sabbatical in Aix-en-Provence a number of years ago, I was pleased to be able to return to CIRET in September 2001. My keyword requests eventually generated bibliographies data include an incredible 3,893 items to be found in the CIRET’s library! Of course, I could not read everything but my weekly visits to the library resulted in one bag of books and journals being exchanged for another. By the time my stay in Aix ended in April 2002. I knew that I had had access to the best collection of tourism – related literature anywhere. Congratulations and many thanks.”

WILKINSON P.F., York University, CANADA

“You are doing an amazing job locating everybody for the website.”

CARR A., University of Otago, NEW ZEALAND

“CIRET has continued to grow in stature and relevance around the world. Its adaptation of Internet technology has been pivotal in helping it meet the needs of today’s researchers. The ability of its leader to continually capitalize on the growing opportunities of the World Wide Web will be critical to maintaining CIRET’s leading position as a world resource and information exchange centre for tourism researchers and practitioners. It is a truly exceptional institution, whose most important and noble asset is the commitment to collecting and sharing knowledge.”

WILLIAMS P.W., Simon Fraser University, CANADA

“From what I observe in the tourism research community and in the ongoing discussions among the TRINET users I can verify that CIRET has strengthened its position as the leading database for tourism research, individual researchers and research organizations."

MAZANEC J.A., University of Vienna, AUSTRIA

“Your scientific activity is widely recognized in Poland and Polish tourism scientists regard you as an authority."

ALEJZIAK.W, Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Tourism Faculty POLAND.

"You have established a social, responsible, careful and passionate organization which has done an unbelievable job for the people living in this world"

ARASLI H., Eastern Mediterranean University, NORTH CYPRUS

Goals and Objectives

Availability of a tool for global scientific and professional cooperation

To enable access to the 841 research centers currently identified in 111 countries and to the 5,402 individual researchers currently identified in 119 countries and specialized in tourism and travel, and networking between researchers working on a given subject by e-mail or otherwise. To make available to researchers the contents analysis through a thesaurus of 1,600 key-words (see below) and a geographical index (see below) concerning world-wide tourism and travel research through access (up to date) to 170,317 articles, documents, books that CIRET has read systematically for them, with the indication of authors(s) title and publisher. CIRET provides a data on publishers specialized in tourism and leisure. CIRET provides a publication center open to all researchers, in order to make their production available to the global research community.

The CIRET is a charitable institution